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Employee Strength:
10-50 employees 
GoMediaJobs (GR)

GoMediaJobs.com is a job site exclusively for media & entertainment industry professionals.For media & entertainment companies, it is an attempt to simplify and fasten the process of hiring talent. On the other hand, for candidates, it is also a platform to keep them abreast with opportunities in the media space.

Along with career options, the site also has a lot of useful information that can help one in career advancement–

Career Advice - The section has informative articles on subjects like interview preparation, tips for making your profile attractive for companies, networking and similar such topics

Knowledge - For keeping one aware of the happenings in the media, entertainment, internet, digital space, the section provides useful links on the media space.

Education – For all those who want to make a career in the industry, this section contains links to various colleges and courses in the media space.